Creative Writing by AI

Articles, essays, blogs, marketing copy... AI writes it all! Frightening ... if you are a journalist or blogger! Great if you have writer's block! Just get it written by AI!

If you thought creative writing would be one of the last realms where AI could not compete with humans, think again!! The GPT-3, or Generative Pre-Trained Transformer 3, developed by Elon Muck's artificial intelligence research lab OpenAI in June 2020, is an autoregressive language modeling system that uses deep learning to produce human-like language.

GPT-3 is already writing essays, poetry, and even film scripts - ones you'd mistake for being written by humans! GPT-3’s language modeling not only enables communication by common human language but also turns language to computer code to run applications. It generates text based on pre-trained algorithms and extensive internet data.

GPT-3 is the largest artificial neural network created - arguably doing what existing transformer models of language composition and prediction do - but only much faster, with higher capacity, greater parameters and accuracy.

AI is already writing articles in journalism!! Here's one by GPT-3 ...