AI-Based Medical Consultation

AI-based software applications are providing medical consultation – sparing long waiting times for common ailments consultation.

AI-based software applications are providing medical consultation based on individual medical history, progressive medical knowledge, machine learning algorithms, deep learning, big data analysis, and speech recognition technology. These algorithms recognize patterns of behavior by mining vast quantities of genetic, clinical, social, lifestyle, and preference data across wide populations groups.

AI not only helps in offering focused medical and remedial advice but also predicting outcomes for current patients and the probability of future patients’ having a disease.

Some prominent examples of such AI-based medical consultations and chat-bots include:

> Healthily or Your.MD, a digital health-tech company has a chatbot to provide personalized health information – the company received the Unesco/Netexplo Award 2017 for ‘innovations that can improve society’

> Babylon Health, a digital healthcare provider, launched GP at Hand service for tis users

> Ada Health, an end-user self-assessment app

> Haptik, India based company, launched a WhatsApp chatbot which answers coronavirus related queries.

A significant part of AI application in healthcare is in the clinical decision support system requiring big data analysis and machine learning. The use of AI is expected to reduce medical costs while providing more accuracy in diagnosis, treatment and disease prevention.