It's coming up .... you will be spending part or lot of your time in the Metaverse in some years! Might as well get with the program!

The virtual world concept has been around for a while – prominently in gaming, reflected by its largest share of app revenues. We are even getting used to the concept of 3D digital twins for buildings and cities for managing our urban services. Extrapolate this virtual experience to other realms of your daily life – meetings, entertainment, recreation – and you’re living in a metaverse.

The Metaverse-living promises to usher in a quantum shift for humanity and it’s coming up. The largest and most popular social media company re-branding itself as Meta - is not by chance.

Experiencing the virtual world has become more commonplace, even for grandmothers, especially with the recent pandemic shifting the experience of meetings en-masse from in-person real-world to a collage of faces on a 2D-screen. The metaverse concept takes this 2D interaction to the next level – a 3D virtual world, where we feel present and experience the place and sounds in 3D.

With the metaverse, you could experience being virtually in an in-session Harvard class or watching a live performance of The Phantom of the Opera or just walking through the Amazon rain forest with Anacondas slithering past!

More formally defined – the Metaverse is the convergence of the physical, virtual, and augmented reality in a shared online space. Like the internet, the metaverse would not be privately owned – it would be increasingly interlinked platforms that service and product providers create to enable users a 3D experience of being present in their intended environment.

While still in the conception stage, to make practical and CX (customer experience) sense, such a parallel virtual world would need to be regulated along with established, standardized structure and rules to which its decentralized producers and global consumers play to. All this is still in a nascent stage currently … lots to happen!

Arguably, the metaverse could transition current and future generations into an altered sense of reality with an increasingly blurred line between reality and virtuality. If you were struggling to keep up with 2D social media, the 3D metaverse is just a quantum step more gripping and possibly, as addictive. Nevertheless, like every new technology affords positive benefits, some radically better, the Metaverse too promises huge potential and benefits in imaginably every realm with customer and user experience appearing almost real in the absence of the real deal. This metaverse thing – is huge! Watch out!