Smart Appliances

AI has come home ... in many ways! And it's doing the mundane, thankless, and dispensable chores around the house ... thank God for that!

Not just relegated to space exploration, industrial automation, and health diagnosis, AI technology has ‘come home’ to our living areas and kitchen enabling appliances to record complex data, make sense and act on it on the fly – safely, accurately, and efficiently. AI is not new to home applications - in fact, you might have even spoken to them. Virtual Assistants, Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa, are powered by AI and use a mix of advanced technologies.

Progressive development of Smart Appliances including Virtual Assistants is being driven by advances in machine learning, gesture-based control, focus tracking, natural language user interface, and individualized user profiles.

Home-cleaning products such as the robot vacuums now feature LiDAR mapping, adaptive mopping, and auto-empty technology – the same advanced LiDAR technology used in automated vehicles, GIS mapping systems, and the aviation industry.