AI-Based Smart Grids

AI is enabling a whole new system-change in energy supply with the transition to AI-based systems balancing local renewable energy sources with dynamic demands.

The concept of Smart Grid is about the transition from traditional urban-scale electro-mechanically based electric power grid to AI-based systems balancing increasing local energy supply sources with dynamic demands efficiently. The intent of AI-based Smart Grid is to handle decentralized bi-directional power supply and demands that traditional electric power grids are unable to.

Smart Grids enable locally-produced surplus energy (microgrids) to be supplied back to the grid, therefore optimizing dynamic supply-demand efficiently.

While the concept sounds simple, the complexity of Smart Grids entails big data analytics, energy supply, and storage, control technologies, and IoT combining communication technologies with digital sensors and devices – all coordinated by AI systems.

The transformation to Smart Grid is still in its initial stages with some of its elements already having been integrated in several cities worldwide.